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Fansite for R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk 2020

Welcome to Cybersmily's Datafort!

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This site was created back in the late 90's as an unofficial fan site dedicated to the R. Talsorian's tabletop RPG Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk Red. Here you will find articles, web page apps, and other unofficial resources for CyberPunk 2020 and Cyberpunk Red.


  • Data

    Data I have collected. Lists of things (gear, programs, vehicles, stuff) that I have compiled. Most of the content is conversions of other sources to fit with Cyberpunk 2020 rule set.

  • Mods

    Unofficial modifications to the rules. This section contains rule mods and house rules I have used in some of my games over the years. Some are good, some not so much. But figure I'd share as a few of them might fit with your style of play.

  • Shop

    Shop for custom gear I have created or re-engineered from other sources.

  • Peeps

    The peeps that are in my campaign. NPCs and PCs from my games. Some of them are used within the scenarios on this site.

  • Gigs

    Gigs for your edgerunners. Some scenarios I have run at conventions and with my group. You can also find here a news cast following the Firestorm supplement from R. Talsorian.

  • Apps - 2020/RED

    Unofficial Applications (online utilities) for your game. Includes a lifepath generator for Cyberpunk 2020, fashion calculator for Cyberpunk 2020, Max Metal Calculator for Cyberpunk 2020, Character generator for Cyberpunk 2020, Character generator for Cyberpunk Red, lifepath generator for Cyberpunk Red, NET Architect geneator for Cyberpunk Red and a Netrunning utility app for navigating the net for Cyberpunk 2020.

  • DLow

    Unofficial Downloads for use with your game. There's a PC Sheet, image files of maps, and Campaign Cartographer vector maps of Night City.

  • LDLs/Vids

    Long Distance Links of other dataforts I visit, and. some of the websites I believe are required for use with running and playing Cyberpunk 2020/Cyberpunk Red.

Recent Updates


11-21 - Been a few weeks. Been hammering away at some goodness for the the site.

This release you now have a new app to start create ACPAs for your Cyberpunk games. Keep in mind it isn't perfect. There are a few rules not implement and descriptions and some text from the book wasn't included. Though the page number to find the details is listed. Trying to stay within the RTG homebrew rules.

Another thing added was that you can now click on a location in the Armor table both in the Character Generator and the Combat Tracker for Cyberpunk 2020 and instead of doing armor damage, you can do damage to the character. This will take the damage done, the type of damage/ammo type it is, and the SP damage. Then it will calculate and apply the wounds to the character.

11-01 - The year is almost over. I was able to get a lot done. Not as much as last year, but how much more can I add ;-).

This month we have a few things. I rewrote most of the armor/fashion stuff to have it integrated with the Character Generator for Cyberpunk 2020. That was massive to get it all done. But you will benefit.

Other thing done was adding Cyberdeck and Programs to the generator as well. Now your Netrunner can start going hog wild with it.

The only other thing from my list of enhancements from a poll I did is the Character generator for Cyberpunk Red. Again, not sure if I will be doing that as another team is working with R Talsorian on one already.

That doesn't mean I have more things. A request for ACPA generator for the rules in Maximum Metal was requested and I start looking into that.

IF you have another ideas for enhancements, bugs you've come across, or just want to shoot the shit. I love the feedback from the community. I'm on most of the cyberpunk discord servers as well as email me using the link on the nav bar above.

Also check me and Wisdom 000 (from over on Cyberpunk Uncensored twitch every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. We talk Cyberpunk and other ramblings from old men. Please check us out.

Till next time.



10-24 - A few updates to various sections.

 * CP2020 Deck Manager - Fixed a bunch of bugs with this, mainly the issues around MU for published decks not reflected correctly.

 * CP2020 Char generator - magazine capacity can now be manually set if you want to make it unique (Thanks to Mikhail over on discord).

 * CP2020 Char generator - Ammo items can now be deleted in the ammo section. Thought I had one there, but apparently not. (Again, one from Mikhail).

 * CP2020 Char generator - Life Events can now have more data. Keep in mind too much data might have issues for the sticky data, but if you save the sheet to file, this shouldn't be a problemt (thank Mikhail for that).

 * CP2020 Char generator - Life Style housing bugs fixed. Should allow utility toggling and pay properly.

 * CP2020 Char generator - Life Style housing added a choice to own property instead of renting, just in case you character is luckly enough to own. (another one of Mikhail's)

 * CPRed Weather generator - fixed a bug with cold snap/heat weave durinig winter. Winters won't have 100+ degree days.

10-11 - Been on a bit of a hiatus. Real life pulled me in a few directions and took me longer to implement some of the changes with this release. Enjoy!

 * CP2020 Char generator - Implemented IU Roles and Skills. There are still some automation needed, but it is a start. Blame Wisdom 000 for that.

 * CP2020 Char generator - Implemented Vehicle section. Now you can keep track of a character's vehicles.

 * CP2020 Char generator - Implemented magazine manager for weapons.

 * CPRED Night Markets - Export Night Market results to PDF is available.

 * NEW! - Weather Generator for Cyberpunk Red.

 * Bug fixes where I found them.

Till next time.



08-31 - Tackled some of my backlog with this release.

 * CP2020 Char generator - Implemented weapon options to help with modifying your weapon.

 * CP2020 Char generator - Implemented ammo section to keep track of what's available.

 * CP2020 Char generator - Implemented magazine manager for weapons.

 * CP2020 Combat Track - Fixed a bug where the target movement modifier was dupicating (Thanks to Audrey for that).

08-01 - This month starts off with the following:

 * Fixed a bug with the skills not aligning right in the CP2020 character generator.

 * Fixed verb tense in Headline generator and added some more terms.

 * the Core Lifepath generator for Cyberpunk Red is now available. Yes, it does role lifepaths and prints to PDF.

 * Gig WNS News gets update a few times in a month. These are news happening with my ongoing campaign set during the 4th Corporate war. Check them out.

Till next time.



07-27 -

Enhanced the Character Generator for Cyberpunk2020 skills section. Added quite a bit. First off you can add new skills to any of the attribute sections, just click on the + at the bottome of the section. Next you can click on the skill name and it will open a skill dialogue. In that window you'll be able to update the skill, set modifiers for the skill, delete skills, and it shows you how many IP are required for the next level. Did I also mention that Special Ability section has been improved as well? You can now add more special abilities, if you multi-role or gain some Family in your lifepath. Also I removed the hardcoding of the list creation and using the json file from the data section. Does this mean anything to you? If you have a blank sheet and don't see all the special abilities and available language options, click the reset button. This doesn't impact existing characters I'm afraid.

Fixed a bug with the armor calculations as well on the character generator. You all need to call me out when I do something silly like that :P. Another bug for armor was allowing more than 3 layers to be activated or adding more than 1 hard layer. Finally, "what's this below the SP row?" you say? Well it is a place to capture SDP values now. It will track when the location becomes impaired/disabled and when it is destroyed with color and labels.

Next I continued to work on the Deck Manager with a lookup of programs from Bartmoss' Brainware Blowout. Note that the MU and Costs vary a tad from the RAW for building programs. But don't think too much into it.

Did some tweaks to the Lifepath generator for Cyberpunk Red, specifically added the core book charts.

I know right about now you are asking yourself. "This is waaaaayyyy too much for my brain to digest!". Well buckle up buckaroos got some love for my boy Wisdom 000 with the Interlock Unlimited Combat Action system in the weapon section. Yup, I did some IU stuff to the character generator as well. Plan to include a couple more things as well for all you IU players.

Cyber keeps on rolling.


07-15 - Add a few random dice rolling within some of the CP2020 apps. Add a random generator for the Fixer Calculator to help out filling out quickly or give some ideas on what to add to them. Great for NPC fixers. Fashion calculator got some Randomized love as well. Now you can random roll a piece of clothing.

Another app updated was the Deck Manager for Cyberpunk 2020. It now has a lookup for published cyberdecks from Bartmoss Brainware Blowout.

The above were on whim to implement. There is a list that is out there that I still need to work on.

  • Weapon Builder for CP2020
  • Vehicle section on Character generator for CP2020
  • Integrate the fashion calculator with the Character Generator for CP2020
  • Character Generator for CP Red
  • Cyberdeck Manager inserted into the Character generator
  • Finally, create and extending a LifePath generator for CP Red

Quite a few things in the list. I have started on the weapon builder, just thinking through the design of it and how it will interaction with the character sheet. Things like how the modifiers should be applied etc. I will pick it up soon

Oh, and I'm currently working with Octarine5orcerer with his Foundry module for Cyberpunk 2020. Haven't contributed much. Go check it out HERE

07-08 - This installment I did some bug fixes. The main thing is I have added 2 new generators to the site for CyberPunk Red, Bodegas Generator and Vendit Generator. I add them to the same page that has the Night Market. Go check them out. Also, as usual, I have added some new WNS news items as my Cyberpunk 2020 campaign contines.

Till next time.



06-05 - Another release. I know... so soon. This wasn't too much of a biggie. It's a Night Market generator for Cyberpunk Red. Nothing too complex but something I know people are looking for. This was the second item in that Poll I did.

In other news me and Wisdom 000 from Datafortress 2020 are continuing our broadcast over on Cyberpunk Uncensored Twitch channel every other Tuesday. We've complete our assessment of Cyberpunk 2077 and a 2 part review of Cyberpunk Red. Come check us out we air 7PM EDT/6PM CDT/4PM PDT. Also I'm in a game with Reservoir Panda again being hosted on CP Uncensored Twitch Sundays. Though Technical issues have been causing a slow start to that campaign.

Till next time.



05-30 - Major update to the Character Generator for CyberPunk 2020, LifeStyle sectoin. This section will allow you to track the character's money, expenses, and identities. This also has a calculator for spending on entertainment and one off services. I want to thank all of the people over on the Datafortress 2020 Facebook group for voting on it and thanks to Wisdom 000 for hosting the poll. That poll I did also gave me clarity on some other new apps/features to add to the site. I will be doing other polls in the coming months as well. My next app to tackle will be a Night Market generator, which was in second place.

Also this release I fixed some bugs in a few areas of the site. One major area was the pdf generation of Character Generator for Cyberpunk 2020. That had a few issues and I cleared up most of them. If you see any bugs, please let me know by clicking on the email icon in the upper right corner.

Lastly, thank you everyone who continues to use this site. I have seen may comments in various social outlets letting me know that my work is appreciated. This site is a work of passion for me and glad to know that others enjoy it. Thank you.

Till next time.


05-09 - Fix some major bugs this week with the Red Net Arch generator and the CP2020 character generator.

Speaking of Characer Generator for Cyberpunk 2020, I am/will be doing a major overhaul of it. Posted a poll to hear what people would like to see next on the site. I have prioritize what features and apps will be happeing to the site in the coming months. One at the top of the list is to add some new sections into the CP2020 Character Generator. Fo that I needed to do a pit of redesign. Here's what was done so far:

 * Remove the area where an image would be place. Reason I never implemented was I didn't have a place to store images for you and I won't allow an external link onto the site (for reasons).

 * Moved the armor/wound sections to where the image use to be.

 * Moved Rep out of the skill section and to be under Roles and implemented a dice roller for it.

 * Moved Humanity out of the skill sectoin and now resides with the other derived stats.

 * Skill Section reworked.

 *  * Move general IP to section header

 *  * Removed Rep and Humanity per above

 *  * Layout of skills is now based on STAT sections and follows a top-down right-left sorting for each section.

 *  * Increased the font size of skills

 *  * Removed the Cyberware to its own section.

 * Reoganized the LifePath, Gear and Weapon Section to be their own sections.

 * Weapon section added Range and Cost columns when viewed on full screen of a desktop/laptop

 * Cyberware section other than being moved, nothing much has changed.

 * Gear section had a bit of work don

 *  * Moved to its own section

 *  * Layout is mutliple columns on large screens

 *  * Add DELETE button to remove a row if needed

 *  * Add ADD button to add more rows if needed

 * LifePath got a bit of love

 *  * Moved to its own section

 *  * Change layout so events are in another column on large screens

 *  * Change layout move the dice, source selection, always an event option, and input years to section header

 *  * Add section for Siblings to have some more info about each of them, like are they older/younger, like/hate you, their names, etc.

 *  * Add an ADD button to the siblings to add more

 *  * Add a DELETE button to the siblings for in case you added one by mistake

 *  * Add an ADD button to Life Events section to add more events as needed.

 *  * Add a DELET button the life events to remove ones you don't need. Note: this won't relabel a year. Need to do that manually for now.


05-05 - Small update to the Quick Netrunner Rules I have.

After some playtesting recently with the rules (which I wrote 20+years ago), I needed to update them a bit. Significant changes is the calculation of the Program Modifier, which I reworked to allow a super runner to crack into the most secured DataFort. I also update some of the tables as some of the results didn't make sense.

05-01 - A more bug fixes and small tweaks:

 * Fixed an issues on NET Architect for Cyberpunk Red.

 * Small tweaks to NET Architect to allow you to choose programs to add

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to the Drug Lab Calc.

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to the Combat Zone Generator.

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to the Fashion Generator.

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to headline generator

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to Fixer Calc

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to deck manager

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to CP Red Jumpstart Kit generator

 *  * cosmetic tweaks to CPJK Lifepath generator

Trying to make the site have more consistency with the various apps and icons.

Till next time.



04-25 - A new app and more bug fixes:

 * Fixed some issues on CP2020 character generator for skills.

 * News Headline Generator app for both CP2020 and CP Red (look under Apps)

 * Updated CP 2020 Lifepath Generator with dice icons instead of text buttons

 * Integrated Interlock Unlimited stuff into CP2020 Lifepath sources/options (Datafortress 2020 IU):

   - African Sourcebook family background charts

   - Central/South American Sourcebook family background charts

   - Extended clothes, hairstyles, and affectation charts

04-17 - Wow April has been productive for ths site. Donen some clean up on the site. Here's the list:

 * behind the scenes code refactoring to make my life easier.

 * updating the CP 2020 Character Generator with more instructions on how to use.

 * updating the CP 2020 Character Generator armor section with an icon button instead of text button.

 * CP 2020 Character Generator and Combat tracker had some rework on the weapon list. Now there are some settings for random rolls. You can chose the type, subtype, availability and exclusion of names.

 * CP 2020 Combat tracker bug fixes (initiative on individual opponents not working, as well as some other minor ones.)

So what's ahead? Looking to get the cyberware list into the combat tracker, add a randomizer for armor on both the character generator and combtat tracker, looking to enhance the Red NET architect tool a bit more, and a few other things (like standardize the menu icons for all apps).

Lastly, I am thinking of creating some tutorial videos for the site in case the interface isn't as intuitive as I think it is. Would love to hear from all of you if this is a good idea or not.

04-10 - Major update to the NET Arch generator for Cyberpunk Red. Here's the list:

 * Export to PNG format now.

 * Add/Delete floors and branches. NOTE: Adding a new floor will always be a file, but you can change it after it is created. Also when adding floors manually there is no constraint to have multiple bottom levels. That is something that you need to manually keep track of.

 * Color configuration for the icons, borders, text, and can be done on individual floors.

 * Has the constraints for creating an arch (reroll programs/passwords, max controllers allowed, can't branch on first 2 floors, minimum of 3 floors...).

 * Specifies the program names now (doesn't have their all their detes, you need to look in the core book for them.).

 * Calculates the total cost (cost per floor and each floor value set).

There is still a bunch of manually work to do done when you create your own, but this tool should help you

There is a infrequent bug with rendering, but it isn't too bad all things considerd.

I still have qutie a bit left to do (adding demons...). Still don't have a PDF button, but you can use Chrome/Edge to do a print as PDF. The page should be formatted to remove the non-related elements on the page.

04-01 - Updated parts of the site that didn't adhere to the R Talsorian Hombrew Policy.

Combat Tracker - remove the stats pulled from the source books for the templates. Added generic gangers and security guards. More will be added in the future.

Combat Zone Generator - summarized the entries a bit more and corrected some mispellings.

In other News, Wisdom of Datafortress 2020 and I are doing a twitch show. We are aiming to do it every other week on the Cyberpunk Uncensored Twitch channel. We currently are giving our review of Cyberpunk 2077, but more reviews and other topics will be talked about. We would love for you to check it out.

Till next time.



02-21 - Another month into 2021 when the 4th Corporate War starts heating up. However seems that everyone is freezing ;). This is another update to the site with 2 new things: Red Net Architect Generator and a bunch of news reports from WNS 7 News Force team over in Gigs.

The Red Net Architect Generator will create a architect for you. This will be a base structure using the rules from Cyberpunk Red main book. I didn't add specific programs into some of the slot and allow you to fill in as needed. You can alter each node, save the architect and load it later.

The WNS 7 News Reports are catching up on events in my campaign, which is gooing great. The team is on the hunt for an AI with the 4th corporate war as a backdrop.

Lastly I just attended TotalCon this year viritually. I was able to get into 2 Red games, both GMed by RTG, one by J Gray and the other was Jay Parker. I had a great time in both. Kudos to them!

Till next time.



12-01 - Not much this month other than some bug fixes. I have the full system of Red now and will be looking to add some more apps in the next few months. There will be some limitations though as I have talked with RTG. The utilities I create will not have any published data in them, as per reqeust from RTG. This means they will be very generic and require a bit of data entry on the part of you. I will make sure to have the ability to save your work.

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



11-01 - This month's update includes a fan request. The Scout1255 over on reddit had a request for a combat zone block generator. They asked and sounded like a great idea. The app will create a map of 3x4 blocks and list a description for each bulding with a key to use. It will also have a section to generator street objects to add to the scene. But wait, there's more! An event generator as well. This is nothing too fancy, but should help out with creating a neighborhood quickly for your game. Still need to working on getting a print button on it.

Other things that I did was fixing some minor bugs and some behind the scenes logistics. Still waiting on my copy of the Red so I can pump out some utilities for the game.Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out this month too. I hope I will have time to get some more work done on the site, but I have a feeling my schedule might be sucked up with all that game play.

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



10-07 - Did some bug fixes. One enhancement is the stats section on the CP2020 Character Generator and Combat Tracker. Now you have the ability to add different modifiers to the stat. I also added an Initiative field to the character generation. You can manage any initiative modifiers to it as well. The other thing you will notice is that the stats and wound sections are now the same in both the combat tracker and character generator.

10-01 - Good news! After a long hiatus I have return to refereeing Cyberpunk 2020 which I am excited about. It has been taking me a bit to get my creative muscles working again but the site will benefit.

This month Cyberware gets some love. I have created another searchable master list for cyberware for your reference. Again, like most of the master lists, it goes off of canon material I own. Which isn't to shabby of a collection. I have also implemented this list and more functionallity on the Character Generator for adding cyberware to your character.

Besides the cyberware updates. I have also added some random rolls for name, role, and stats to the CP2020 Character Generator. The sheet has more and more randomly generation. The PDF export on the sheet has some tweaks as well with the weapon note formatting and the cyberware name.

Since my creative juices are flowing I have added a new item in the Peeps section, Gangs/Nomad Packs. I added a few new gangs that will be making appearances in my game as well as a nomad pack. I also added some more NPCs as well.

Last thing added is to the DLow section. I created some blueprints of my vision of The Night Owl nightclub, NCART train, and the NCART stations.

Cyberpunk Red I hope is just around the corner. When it hits the street, I hope to add in more utilities for it to the site. First app I will be adding is a converter for CP2020 to CPRed. There are a few other apps I have ideas for, but until I have the full ruleset I really don't want to start working on the code.

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



09-01 - Several things have been aded to the site.

1st we have the master weapons list. This is a searchable list of the Cyberpunk 2020 weapons for all cannon sources for 2020 (no cybergeneration i'm afraid). This list will give you the base stats for the weapons, but won't go into the finer details about the weapon. For that you need to go to the source, which I list and the page in the source book you can find it on.

Secondly I did an overhaul of the Cyberpunk 2020 weapons sections in the combat tracker and character generator. I made the sections consistent with each other. Also, I have added *drum roll* a ammo tracker on the weapons in both areas. This includes an ammo tracker in the PDF version of the character sheet as well. Though there might be some formatting issues in the PDF if the weapon list is long and/or the weapon has a lot of shots. Let me know if there is a bug and I will try to figure out a solution.

Other improvements include the combat calculator section in the combat tracker. It is by no means perfect, there is still more tweaking and special rules need to be added, but I hope it is a tool closer to your needs. I can enable this same calculator on the Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generator as well. Let me know if you'd like to see that added.

Cyberpunk Red Lifepath generator got some love this month as well. I switched out the text buttons to be icons (keeping consistent with the newer apps to the site), formatted the table to be red, and created a PDF button to generate the lifepath in a one page PDF (with the style of red).

Again, if there are any bugs or ideas for enhancements let me know and I will try to get them resolved.

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



08-21 - Very embarassing. I tweaked the name generator however there was a bad bug in it. I'm sorry for those who suffered with a character named Undefined...

08-09 - Did some bug fixes on the Combat Tracker thanks to Pawook over on the Cyberpunk 2020/RED Fans discord. The fixes are with the weapn, skill, cyber, and gear tabs when adding new items they get sticky. Added the BOD damage modifier to melee weapon damage rolls. Fixed the WA not being shown in the to-hit roll. Change the text for dice rolls and fixed an issue with the + modifier to damage dice.

08-01 - - I change the menu a bit to turn it into a megamenu, which should space it out a bit more to help with using the menu on longer list of choices.

A new app has been added: Cyberpunk 2020 Netrunner Deck Manager utility. This app allows you to create/enter a cyberdeck and programs for it. It keeps track of the costs as well as how many programs you have loaded into the deck.

There are also some bug fixes with the combat tracker. Sorry about those, I should have caught them through testing. But the tracker shoudl be working better now. I have some addtional ideas for the tracker to help with doing combat, like choosing rounds to fire (including full auto/3rd burst). As well as a few other items.

I have also added a link to the Github repository for the site. You can visit it and also log bugs and feature requests for enhancing the site.

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



07-01 - You will notice I have split out Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk Red into 2 different menu items. I am adding more and more apps, I want to categorize them as need. This month I add another CP 2020 app. This time a simple one for doing pharmaceuticals, Drug Lab.

The covert roles from Firestrom: Stormfront have been added to the role list and the character generator as well. There is still some work needed for the min skill values that the roles have. In time they will come.

Added some more links to the LDL. All of them are for Youtube channels/playlists that have Cyberpunk 2020/red content. Check these out!

Last month we saw the launch of Night City Wire episode 1. Holy Saint Pondsmith, does CP 2077 look awesome. I can't wait for November or December or whenever.

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



06-15 Fixed a few bugs around the site. Add PDF export button the Character Generator CP2020 app. This was a challenge to make sure it was client side only. Still working on a couple of new apps for the upcoming months. Half way through the year and continuing my goal of a new app or feature per month of 2020.

06-01 Fixed a bunch of bugs. Added an armor management contorls for the Cyberpunk 2020 combat tracker and character generator.

Added a function in the Combat Tracker to import a CP 2020 Character file and add it as an opppenent.

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



05-09 - Quick update with fixes for some the apps. Been working on creating better unit tests to help with preventing some of the silly bugs I have done in the site.

To help with this I have uploaded the code to Github ( This is also in prosperity just in case happens this old chromer ;-) I am also creating a wiki there for instructions on some of the apps. This is a work in progress. You can also log any issues/bugs/enhancements you have with the site.

Bug fixes:

   * Fixer Calculator - Hot Stuff area rolls weren't loading and message if new area costs too much.

   * Combat Tracker - flagging skill rolls if they are a fumble or crit.

   * Character Generator - Loading character the saves are set to 0.

   * Max Metal Builder - Several issues, for the error popup, to option spaces not being tallied, and several other issues

05-01 - Day 6,732 since lockdown...

The good news is 2 new apps have been added this month: CP 2020 Combat Tracker and the Fixer Network/Contact Point calculator.

Had to make some changes to the code to streamline it for integration with the combat tracker. Since needs more tweaks and enhancements. But will get to that in coming months. For now you should be able to play around with it

The Fixer Contact Calculator uses the 2 systems (Hot Stuff and Big League) from Wildside supplement. You can save them as text files. Someday may integrate with the character genereator.

The other HUGE app is the Combat Tracker. This has be really fun to make and it is no where near completed. There is mising functionality I have yet to implement (looking at you Armor section). There is also tons of tweaks I still want to do throughout it.

For now it is done. Not done done. Just done. I hope it is useful. If it is and you have some ideas, by all means email me (uppper right on menu bar).

In the coming months, working master lists for cyberware and weapons. These will not be as thorough as Datafortress 2020, go to his site and look up Ultrachrome. Mine will be from references within my own library of books, which is limited to the main cp2020 books and supllements and Inteface magazine.

I will also be tweaking other parts of the site and apps as my fancy leads me or if there are any bugs reported by ya'll

If you spot a bug, typo, or missing data, please send me an email. Click on the envelope icon in the upper right. Thanks

Stay safe gatos. The dark future is upon us!



Crazy times we live in where fiction is reality.

4/11 - Small fixes throughout the site. Nothing major. Continuing to work on a combat tracker which is most of my time.

4/6 - Fixed/added some tweaks to Cyberpunk 2020 Character generator. Add input for number of years in lifepath. Added note field for weapons. Fixed the skill point calculation and the Special Abilty missing a die roll.

4/4 - Did some fixes to the dice roller. Had a bad bug in it. Sorry if you weren't getting any 10s on the roll :(

If you spot a bug, typo, or missing data, please send me an email. Click on the envelope icon in the upper right. Thanks



More changes have arrived! There has been a few things I have change, from updating the javascript framework I have been using, to 2 new sections under Data, and updates to the CP2020 Character Sheet.

The framework change was a minor, but had to untangle somethings to make it easier for future releases.

The 2 new sections under Data are the Master Roles List and the Master Skills List. These contain most of the roles and skills I could find in the books I have in my library. I'm sure there are more and some entries I've missed. I also changed some of the Roles and skills to fit in line with others to keep them standardized.

The update to the character genarator/sheet was to include all the roles from the master list and added a couple of skills. I didn't add all the skills, due to formatting issues, but roles that have skills not listed will add them to the Others section of skills.

In additional, I have added click-to-roll on skills and saves.

In the works: Continue adding bits and pieces to other apps in the site and creating a combat tracker to help with game play.

I plan to a Cyberpunk Red character sheet, but am waiting for it to come out first. I have a feeling that the Jumpstart Kit is a simple version and it will be more elaborate with the full version.

If you spot a bug, typo, or missing data, please send me an email. Click on the envelope icon in the upper right. Thanks



This month's updates are round character generation. I have add 2 apps: Cyberpunk Red Template Generator and the Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generator.

Cyberpunk Red Template Generator

This will generate a random character based on the templates from the CP Red Jumpstart Kit. You can print the sheet straight form the browser. The intent is these are throw away characters, like the pregen from the kit.

Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generator

This is a character online character sheet. It has more capabilities than the CPRJK generator and is based on the CP 2020 character sheet. The intent is to have a double-sided sheet to print.

You can save the character to your local drive and load it back to the site to continue maintaining your character. There is some sticky data as well, so the data will stay if you come back to the site. But if you clear your cache or some other clearing of data in the browser will lose all that work, so save to a file when you end your session just in case.

The CPRJK is as is. CP2020 I will be continue to work on. I plan to continue to build out the functionality. That will be scheduled for upcoming months. Right now I have another utility for CP 2020 in the works as well as getting ready for Cyberpunk Red and Cyberpunk 2077.

I hope I can keep this pace up with an update per month this year. We will see what real life and what happens with how much CP 2077 takes up my free time. Till next time, burn that chrome!



Back with another update. Since this is 2020, I am going to try to push out something once a month. This isn't a promise, just a goal.

For this month's installment, I fixed a bug with the Fashion Calculator around some of the modifier would linger when changing the clothes.

There has been a major update with the Max Metal App. I have added weapon/option selection. This is far from finished, so you shoudl audit your work with the book. I will continue to get some more fixes to it. But for now, you can play more with it.

Also, you can save your Max Metal Vehicle to a text file now too!



The year is upon us my fellow edgerunners! The prophecy has come true, flying cars, booster gangs, cybernetics.. hmmm. Guess not. Oh well.

I have done a quick update though. I create a quick CyberPunk Red Jumpstart Kit Lifepath generator under Apps section. Enjoy!


Fixed some bugs and updated the Lifepath with ethnicity/language generation.

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